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In 1954, Woodbridge Township was a different place. Metropark was a cornfield; where the Woodbridge Mall now stands were the clay pits, and across the street was, not condominiums and office buildings of the present,  but the rather the Maple Hill Dairy with a barn filled with cows and their unmistakable odor. It was in that time that my father opened a medical practice, originally in Avenel , but shortly afterwards in Woodbridge proper at the corner of Green Street and Amboy Avenue. There, attached to the home in which I grew up, was my father’s   (LeRoy “Bud” Homer) office. He originally had a general practice having office hours, and making house calls, setting bones, seeing children and delivering babies in those early years.

After a few years, he took on one partner, “Chuck” Weber and later another, Alan Young. Homer, Weber & Young (HWY-the Highway Men) became the premier Internal Medicine group in the area, keeping busy in their office and at Perth Amboy General Hospital in the “city” of Perth Amboy. Each of them became expert in a “sub-specialty. Chuck Weber developed expertise in performing endoscopies with the newly developed tools of the endoscope and colonoscope. Alan Young had completed his fellowship in the areas of hematology and oncology and brought that knowledge to the Woodbridge area. My father,partly in response to a gift from the Ladies Auxillary to the Hospital of a “wash-tub” style dialysis machine, in the late “60’s” took a couple of months off from his practice and traveled to Philadelphia to learn the new techniques of treating renal failure with hemodialysis which were just being developed at the time.

I joined my Dad and his partners in 1985. I practiced with him (and them) until his retirement and that of Chuck Weber in December 1993. In 1997, I moved down the street back to Avenel to this current office, where I continue to practice. Thus from 1954 through the current time (over 60 years), there has been a “Homer” practicing Medicine in Woodbridge Township. This is the tradition of quality and caring that I cherish and strive to carry forward.

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