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Keep a Healthy Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure puts you more at risk for kidney disease. Read about 4 things you can do to keep a healthy blood pressure and help prevent or slow kidney disease. READ MORE »

Be Aware of Heat Illnesses

Heat illnesses are commonly associated with athletic competition in hot, humid weather, but can fall upon a spectator as well. If the body's ability to cool itself is insufficient or fails, it leads to an increase in body temperature.

Learn more about the three categories of heat illnesses and how you can avoid them. READ MORE »

Are you in control of your diabetes?

If you are an American with diabetes you should know that not controlling your glucose levels could lead to other health complications including kidney disease. The numbers can be scary — 30% of people with Type 1 diabetes and 10 to 40% of people with Type 2 diabetes will eventually suffer from chronic kidney disease.

So how can you avoid being a statistic? One of the best things you can do is get control of your diabetes. READ MORE »

Helpful Kidney Resources:


Here are some definitions of useful terminology you may see as you read about your kidneys… READ MORE »